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ATO’s real time tracking tool integrates information from different stages of the delivery trajectory. You can search and view details of shipping documents, containers and cargo in transit, with real-time insight into your orders, bookings, and container loads.

Our tracking tool gives you:

  • Visibility of daily operations and historical data
  • Customizable visibility of supply chain performance
  • Proactive issue identification in your supply chain, based on your own set criteria


Our transportation safety professionals impart years of experience, bringing value to customers in the form of broad counsel. ATO provides periodic, comprehensive on-site safety audits; collaboration for compliance reviews with the Ministry of Transportation; recommendations on OSHA compliance and safe work practices; problem analysis; and product packing and loading consultation.



Taking control of the entire supply chain, from inbound logistics, over a complex distribution network of central warehouses, distribution warehouses and transportation terminals, to the final delivery at the customer's premises, requires a bird's eye view on the operation.

ATO’s supply chain monitoring allows us to manage complex scenarios where the enterprise may use multiple host systems and execution systems, and still have the ability to link supply chain data from all of these together and control the supply chain with a single point of access.

As a globally-operating logistics services provider, active and intelligent environmental protection is of highest priority for us. A significant contribution in this regard is made by the efficient design of all process chains as part of our procurement and distribution logistics. Based on extremely well thought-out, synchronized cargo transport schedules, we consolidate the flow of goods and are able to avoid needless transports.


Dedicated Support

ATO provides flexible, industry-leading support, services, and resources that enable you to quickly address technical issues, deepen your logistics expertise, maximize return on supply chain (ROI), and get your work done faster.

To each account, we assign a dedicated sales specialist who understands your business and operational needs while monitoring shipment activities

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We have worked with more than 5,000 customers in India alone.

We work with a large variety of customers from industries as diverse as retail and chemicals. Our customers include the largest and most prestigious companies of India. Below is a list of some of our clients