Why ATO?

Unbeatable Knowledge and Experience of Indian Transport since 1967

Our people have spent more than 40 years in the field of Indian transport. We have transported every kind of good through every kind of means possible across India. Thus we have gathered an experience in this field that is second to none.

In a country like India, where there are hundreds of bottlenecks for transporting any goods, we ensure that your cargo will reach its destination – safely and on time!

Our establishing strong, mutually beneficial long-term relationships with drivers, employees, suppliers and vendors has been a critical step in improving our performance across the supply chain, generating greater cost efficiency and enabling the business to grow and develop. Our long term relationships provide the opportunity for us to engage our drivers and contractors in a process of continual improvement of both products and services provided and of the accompanying service levels.


Indian Tax and Regulations Expertise

India is complex country with a very intricate system of taxes – both at the state and the central level. For example: Sales Tax is a levy on purchase and sale of goods in India and is levied under the authority of both Central Legislation (Central Sales Tax) and State Governments Legislations (Sales Tax). Our customers often consult us for their sales tax issues and permits. With our vast in-house knowledge of taxation, we are able to offer clear and practical advice on such matters.

For road transportation across India, there are various tolls that one often has to pay for using the highways. And then there is road tax for every commercial vehicle. Our tax experts can help accurately calculate such costs for every delivery, and provide a true picture of our client’s costs and charges. We make sure that your goods do not get stuck at checkposts, and reaches its destination without any hindrance or delay.



ATO is committed to unyielding integrity and high standards of business conduct in everything we do, especially in our dealings with suppliers, contractors and customers. For well over half a century, our people have created an asset of incalculable value: the company’s worldwide reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct. That reputation, built by so many people over so many years, depends on upholding it in each business transaction we make.

Our integrity is our guide to doing the right thing in business. It is founded on our values and clarifies the ethics and compliance expectations for everyone who works at ATO. Our ethics reflects a principles-based approach, where rules are not stated explicitly and everyday business decisions are guided by our values, with reference to other resources where relevant.



Poor corporate governance standards in India have been a major grievance of domestic and foreign investors alike for long. Weak corporate governance standards have adversely affected price discovery and have played a key role in the exodus of investors and players in India.

ATO has one of the strongest governance teams in the country. It has an impeccable record with not even a single incident of labour problem or poor management. We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at ATO is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

An implicit sense of ethical business conduct has been the cornerstone of the ATO way of corporate governance. Rules and regulations certainly have a place in this scheme, but they supplement rather than supplant the traditional values on which the group has been shaped. Good governance has taken root in and spread to all branches of the ATO Group.

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We have worked with more than 5,000 customers in India alone.

We work with a large variety of customers from industries as diverse as retail and chemicals. Our customers include the largest and most prestigious companies of India. Below is a list of some of our clients