ATO is a professionally run company with employees that are highly specialized and experienced in the world of logistics and transportation.

Our professionals are extremely committed and have a strong internal drive.


This career includes jobs which involve moving goods or things from one place to another. Transportation professionals plan, manage, and execute the movement of products, goods, commodities, and people through a variety of means. Covering water, road, and air transportation, this career allows one to participate in the transportation process directly. Transport operations positions require an in depth understanding of logistics and freight. Whether the specialist works in a warehouse setting or hauling cargo on the open road, it’s important that they understand all the rules and regulations surrounding both road safety and materials handling.


Sales and Marketing

A Sales and Marketing job at ATO revolves around the customer experience and helps to create value across the entire customer chain. We are looking for salespeople and career marketers that have an intrinsic appreciation for delivering value and driving customer satisfaction. The sales team works with companies to develop customized programs with specialized pricing, dedicated account management, and a complete assortment of products and services at the lowest total delivered cost. As a member of this team you'll be educating clients, professionally assessing their detailed business needs and making expert recommendations for services. You need to be someone who enjoys working towards targets and goals and who is genuinely motivated by the recognition that comes through meeting and exceeding such targets.


Information Technology

Our IT team develops the latest technology to connect our offices and cargo with our global warehouses through enhanced analytics. We build better, faster, more efficient programs to support everything we do. And we navigate challenges on a scale unlike any other. At ATO, we tackle the most daunting IT challenges head on. We design, manage and deliver IT solutions that sharpen business processes and streamline project delivery. Our IT professionals are experts in custom applications, enterprise architecture, systems integration, business process re-engineering, people, and governance. In short we know how to master computerized cargo and goods management systems.


Engineering and Operations Research

Engineering careers with ATO are among the most exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunities for transportation and logistics professionals. The engineering team focuses on improving internal supply chain management processes, developing practical management science applications or designing transportation solutions for specific customer needs. Also, we bring our expertise to help clients make the best possible strategic and operational decisions by developing and implementing operational research models. Projects may focus on any element of the client's business, whether supporting strategic, tactical or operational decisions in such areas as physical asset allocation and scheduling, capacity planning, bottleneck identification and removal, network and supply chain optimisation.

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We have worked with more than 5,000 customers in India alone.

We work with a large variety of customers from industries as diverse as retail and chemicals. Our customers include the largest and most prestigious companies of India. Below is a list of some of our clients